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So you want to work together?! Sounds great! Here’s the Why and the How!

The Why

The mission of Big Tiny Steps is to help make eating clean and living green easy, cost effective and accessible to folks at any stage of their health journey. Specifically, we strive to help busy people get healthier and eat better without having to run themselves ragged or spend extra money. Additionally we believe in self-sufficiency (Even in the city), striving for a more natural lifestyle and reconnecting with nature.

I created this site because when I was starting on the path to changing my life I just COULD NOT identify with health gurus that were peddling gross chia pudding and shakes while posing half naked on IG.

Jim Gaffigan joke about the gym

I wanted to see someone realistic who managed to get her shit together while juggling work and kids and a personality that leans to the “over it” side of lazy. Someone covered in mustard and binge watching the Mindy Project. Someone like me!

Why Us?

Well, the creator of this site (yours truly) has lost masses of weight by making healthy lifestyle changes and managed to do so while also being a busy working mother of three AND becoming debt free. I have also seen great improvements in my overall health and mental wellbeing as a result of eating healthy and moving my lazy ass more. Go figure!

Realistic Simple Lifestyle

Additionally, like most people out there I feel like city life is sucking my soul and am on a quest to break free from the grind and reconnect to nature and the natural world. I would love to one day have a space where we could play with solar energy and produce lots of homegrown food.

For years I struggled with symptoms of chronic illness and mental health issues including Fibromyalgia, unknown autoimmune issues, depression and anxiety. I used to have a strong desire to change but couldn’t seem to break the cycle of emotional binge eating and dieting burnout/loss of motivation. This was because I was going about it ALL WRONG. I didn’t need a diet- I needed an entire lifestyle change in the body, mind AND in the kitchen.

I went from absolute beginner who barely touched a vegetable, cooked a meal or drank anything but soda to being a kale-munching, water-drinking, SuperMega Health Mom and Kitchen Goddess (My hyperbole is on point too).

I am busy, I am frugal and I am passionate! Best of all I want to help YOU achieve your goals.

The How

If you want to work together for any of the following:

  • Brand Ambassadorships
  • Product Reviews
  • Writing
  • Recipe Development

Please email me directly at or through this neat form:

I look forward to hearing from you!


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