About Us

Hello! I’m Mandi Em- Author, Humorist, Wellness Witch, & Hot Mess Mom of 3.

I’m what would happen if a motivational speaker, a sentient wig, and a mental breakdown had a witchy frankenbaby after a freaky weekend in the woods. I’m a freelance writer and author, and I have 3 amazing kids, a wonderful husband, and a beautiful life in the Okanagan region of BC, Canada. I’m a self-proclaimed #shittylifecoach and am passionate about wellness, humor, plants, dirt, mental health, healing the shadow, personal development, swearing, and being an all-around weird bitch 🔥 I was miserable for over 30 years, so trust me when I say that learning to fall in love with life (the good and the bad) is the key to peace and happiness. All the magic you could ever need exists within you, it’s just waiting to be set free.

Although this started off as a health blog based on my all-natural postpartum weight loss successes (If you want to read more about that shit check it out here), I no longer cover these topics, and if you want to learn why I explain a little more here. Most of what you’ll find here is bullshit-free life advice and personal growth shit. For more info on non-religious witchery, check out my other blog here!