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To honor the whole “OMFG I CAN’T WAIT” vibe that I’ve been carting around waiting to get this in your hot little hands, here is an excerpt of an entry from the “Conjuring Confidence” chapter. I love you guys so much and am SO grateful for your support.


Excerpted from Witchcraft Therapy by Mandi Em. Copyright © 2021 by  Amanda MacLean. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights  reserved.

Recognize You’re Resilient AF: Reflecting on All the Shit You’ve Been Through

Feeling  uncomfortable things is never fun, but for those who’ve experienced  trauma or other deep-cutting pain it can become a very real part of your  everyday emotional experience. Wake up. Brush teeth. Sob into the  void…

Although we’d all love to be made of rubber band  stuff that allows us to bounce back from difficult shit without a  second thought, the truth is we are deeply emotional creatures with  memory foam spirits that can have us carrying our bad experiences for  ages. Now, it’s normal to have the urge to flee from the emotional  swamps formed when bad experiences press craters into our psyches that  we fill with tears. However, there’s something quite freeing about the  ability to visit those dark places while still keeping your spirit high.

Viewing the hard stuff from your past through a  resilience lens can help you appreciate how those experiences formed  you, without denying that they sucked. Although it can be challenging to  think back on hard times and past traumas, to do so is to see your  strength, and to honor the foundation that you’ve built. What’s done is  done, and although the pain may linger, you can choose to keep your eyes  forward without having to ignore the past.

Part of why  it’s difficult to reflect on and appreciate the past is that it can feel  like you are somehow excusing those painful experiences. Your inherent  sense of justice as a human being can have you stuck on the idea that if  you move on, you’re letting go of what you’re “owed” from those past  events—an apology, karma, legal restitution. But the truth is that  justice doesn’t always come, and you can waste a lifetime hanging around  waiting for it.

Instead, the wise thing to do is to  realize that yes, those things happened, and no, they were not okay. You  can give yourself permission to move forward by acknowledging the  wounds you have and choosing to focus on how those experiences changed  you for better and for worse.

All of our lives are  peppered with moments that changed us forever. Those things together  have woven the unique tapestries of our lives, and to honor those  experiences by building your resilience is to move forward without  bypassing the past. Rather than allowing yourself to get roadblocked by  past traumas, simply acknowledge them for what they were: a series of  transformative events that shaped you into the person you are today.  Despite the negativity that they may have brought you, you do  have the power to transmute that energy into strength for the future.  And that can be accomplished by honoring that those things shaped you  rather than running from them.

In the thick of hard  times, take a moment to look back on what you’ve already been through  and how you’ve managed to come out the other side, rebirthed into a  person who’s overcome so damn much, and has the strength to handle much  more. All those things that happened, and yet, you’re still here! Your  past traumas don’t need to weigh you down. Instead, they can show you  just how high you can fly even after being shot down time and time  again. You are strong and resilient. A survivor. A champion. Even when  you don’t feel it, your past paints this picture.

A Reflection Ladder

For this exercise, you’ll need:

• 3 long pieces of string or ribbon the same length as yourself

• A handful of small “charms” you would like to weave into the ribbons/strings (crystals, twigs, flowers, beads, etc.)*

1. Cleanse your chosen items and ground yourself.

2.  Tie your three ribbons/strings together at one end with a loop. As you  tie, affirm to yourself that even though this will be an emotional  experience, you are strong and safe.

3. Start braiding your ribbons/strings together in plait, breathing deeply and thinking about everything you’ve been through.

4.  For each of the truly formative experiences in your life that have  weighed on you, braid a charm of your choosing into the ribbons/strings  to represent it. Begin with the earliest moments and work your way to  the present.

5. As you braid each charm in, breathe in deeply  and allow yourself to feel the things that this experience made you  feel. Then, exhale and affirm to yourself that this thing is over, and  merely a seed that helped you grow into who you are now.

6. Tie the ends of the ribbons/strings into the top loop of the braid to make a circle.

7. Meditate with your braided circle and think of how far you’ve come, giving yourself mad props for being a survivor.

8. Hang the braid somewhere visible as a testament to what a resilient badass you are.

*These should be objects that you feel “called” to.


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xoxo Mandi

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