Ever since we started the aquaponics project we have been thinking and planning of other ways to geenify our lives and try to produce our own food.

We are all about that hippy shit and plan to blow our life savings on multicolored wool ponchos, silver artisan jewelry and musical instruments made of the finest foraged goods. Holy shit can I ever get behind a way of life that doesn’t force me to cram my body into grownup clothes and pretend to have it all figured out.

Because I’m also the healthiest of bitches who is trying to duck that processed food and added salt and sugar, creating a herb garden seemed to be the perfect project.

There are about a million tutorials out there on this, but here’s what I did to achieve this particular result.

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Mason Jar Herb Garden Instructions

How to Make a DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden

Things You Need:

  • Containers (I used glass mason jars from sauces because I wanted an excuse to upcycle)
  • Potting mix (different than potting soil)
  • Rocks, gravel, beads or marbles- anything to put on the bottom to trap excess water
  • Seeds or herbs to transplant
Seeds for DIY Herb Garden
Seeds, Glorious Seeds!
Materials for DIY Herb Garden

For the tags

  • Twine
  • Old paper or decorative scraps (I know you’ve got some you fucking hoarder)
  • Chalkboard paint
  • Chalk pens


This is a good first step to avoid mislabeling the jars if you are using seeds as I did (oops)

First you take a scrap of paper that you are wanting to use for your tags and cut them into the size you want. I used cutoffs from vintage maps that I had just used to make an origami bouquet. Because of the long names of the herbs I used (I’m looking at you spearmint!) I cut them down to 8.5cm by 2.5cm.

Cut your paper to size
Next, use a hole punch to make a hole for the twine to fit through. Make it approximately the size of the one in your cold dead heart (I kid)

Then, get your chalkboard paint and paint in a black box to write your label. You could use a ruler or stencil to keep the edges neat, but personally I was going for more of a rustic DIY feel, so I did it freehand.

Lastly, take your chalk pens and put the herb names on the tags.

Use chalk paint to create labels

Label your tags


First, take your gravel, rocks or marbles and fill the bottom of the jar about 1 or 2 inches deep

Add Potting Mix

Take your potting mix and cover the rocks to just below the top of the container. Take your twine and roll it around the rim of the container twice and cut it so that there are 2 ends with about 1-2 inches left over after tying the ends.

Untie the twine, add the tag and add your seeds.

Water and find a nice windowsill for your new herb containers to call home! HAPPY HERBS YOU HIPPY BASTARD !

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