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Do you have a blog or business that you need to write content for?

Do you have a blog or a business that you need to write content for, and the very thought of doing so makes you feel like hopping back into bed with a jumbo box of Pop Tarts and binge watch the Mindy Project?


What I can do for you

Chances are, if you’re here it’s for one of the following reasons:

  1. You’re worried your blog or social media posts are a little… boring
  2. You have amazing content “skeletons” and need help putting some meat on their bones
  3. You’re looking for some bomb ass original pieces written for you so you can spend more time in your zone of genius (where you belong)

My own specific zone of genius is personality and relatability.

I am not the grammar police (Although typos and shit make me stabby). I don’t know sweet fuck all about making sales.

I am a writer.

I am genuine and honest, and my specialty is helping you inject some personality into your content to make it stand out above the crowd. I’m also here to support you with fleshing out your ideas so they can be a finished product you’re proud to plaster all over the web.

I have a B.A. in Psychology, and my background was mostly writing boring clinical research papers and snoozeworthy care plans in the social work industry.

That’s nice and all, but my passion is writing fun, useful content that makes folks snort-laugh and feel less alone.


The Details

I’d love to hit you with a fancy sales page, complete with time tickers and sales tornadoes or whatever the fuck they’re called- but again- not my zone of genius.

I charge $150 for original blog posts, and for everything else I charge $30 an hour CAD.

I know I’m supposed to make you email me first or whatever, but here I am putting out on the first date because I know for myself when I look at someone’s services and prices aren’t listed I get grumpy.

Don’t make me go through an extra step to find out I can’t afford you. Just let me eat my ketchup packets in peace.

I don’t haggle. I have kids and haggle 20 hours a day. Wear pants, don’t touch, come here, slow down, it never fucking ends. So when it comes to this shit I am just too tired to haggle.

If you have a specific idea in mind of things you’d like me to do, I might just quote you a package- however it would be based on this $30 an hour rule.

I’m Canadian, and we have to deal with all sorts of taxes and nonsense like that, so this rate keeps me square with the government and justifies my time.

In a Nutshell

I’m here to help you manage your shit in a way that leaves you with more time to do the shit you love to do.

Social media management? I can help!

Blog posts? I can help!

Fleshing out your brilliant ideas? I can help!

Spicing up your content so it lights a fire under the ass of your target audience? Oh yes, I can do that!


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