For most of my adult life I’ve struggled with my weight. Starting in my teen years I developed a very disordered relationship with food and eating, and frequently went though cycles of binging, restrictive eating, and other incredibly destructive behaviors that established a pattern of a totally fucked up outlook on food.

Whenever I would get into a panic about my weight I would either starve/restrict myself, go to the gym for 3 days then quit, start taking diet pills or herbal supplements, or get completely lost in binge purge cycles that would only be broken up by periods of eating my body weight in junk food or starving myself for as long as possible.


At different points in my life I have been normal weight, overweight, and “obese” according to the BMI scale but I would never once have described myself as “healthy” back then.

Food was my therapist, my enemy and my addiction, but it was never just food.

My before weight loss picture after my second baby was born
Me shortly after my second baby in 2014 at about 185 lbs

After my second baby I was at the end of my fucking rope and decided to try a totally different approach.

I decided to focus on my overall health instead of ONLY my weight and I decided to do this by simply eating better and walking more.

I knew I couldn’t prioritize the gym so I committed to allowing it to take time. It didn’t actually take that much time to lose over 70 lbs because I changed my diet, learned to love food and gradually gained enough stamina from walking to start jogging a little.

silly lady on a slide. My after weightloss photo
Me in 2015 after losing the weight. At about 135 lbs here and was healthier than I had ever been. Still a dumbass though.

When I got pregnant with my third I had a lot of unfortunate circumstances and bullshit that crept up on me. With the medical issues I had at the time I gained TONS of weight again. I ended up in the position to lose tons of weight again after my third baby.

I was so disappointed in myself but instead of beating myself up about it I decided to take control because I knew I COULD do it again. They say “Abs are made in the kitchen” and for me it was 100% true.

Before and after of Healthy natural postpartum weightloss. Ditch the diets and learn to love real food!
Me right after baby at about 190lbs, and me now at about 145 lbs

My weight loss was a direct result of 80% eating better and 20% simply walking.

Oh, and some MAJOR mental work on my outlook, bullshit relationship with food and self esteem.

To Find out the Strategies I Used to Lose Weight, Check out My Weightloss Story


After struggling my whole life with weight after my second baby I became truly healthy and lost 70lbs postpartum

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  1. melzana May 28, 2017 at 6:18 pm

    Congrats on the weight loss. I look forward to hearing more from you and trying some of your recipes, etc!

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