What is Aquaponics?

A Brief Description:

Aquaponics is a system of growing that uses the water from a fish tank or basin to fertilize plants, which in turn filter the water for the fish. This can be a low maintenance system once it is up and running and does not use dirt as traditional growing methods do.

Why Aquaponics?

My husband heard of aquaponics and was interested immediately. After hearing of it we started seeing it EVERYWHERE. We decided that after years of excuses of why we can’t do things (no space, no time, living in a rental suite) we could take this opportunity to try something that would serve as a hobby while also allowing us to be potentially lessen our dependence on the grocery store.

Ideally, creating an aquaponics system in our tiny suite would let us learn for the future, where we hope to have a system on a much larger scale. My husband and I became interested in the idea of growing our own vegetables to save money and to connect more with nature in an attempt to be more autonomous. We have small children and love the idea of involving them with growing their own vegetables and owning fish.

And our place is SMALL. So if we can do it and start growing our own food indoors, then anyone can!

The Project and Goals

We are currently starting the process of building our own DIY indoor aquaponics system.

*Update* Our system is now built (find instructions for the DIY here!) and we are cycling it by using stumps of green onions until we can begin with seeds.

Our system is now up and running! Please see updates Here, and DIY Instructions here.


Making a DIY Indoor Aquaponics System

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