Today we started to put together our Aquaponics system and after an entire day of rinsing gravel, rinsing substrate, and trial and error with PVC components, WE HAVE SUCCESS!

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Assembled Aquaponics System
Aquarium gravel
Aquarium gravel

Despite reading conflicting information about when to add fish, plants, etc. we have taken the nubs of some green onion and added it in the hopes that we can start to see some sprouts. We will be adding fish shortly, and have chosen goldfish to use.
Even without the plants and fish, it looks fantastic with the aquarium decorations that we picked for the kids to enjoy.

Our first setback came when we tried to use the small pump to raise the water. We had initially bought a pump that appeared too forceful during our testing, so we got another smaller pump and quickly realized that it did not have enough power to reach the grow bed. So went back to the larger pump, and once it was in the tank reaching the grow bed, it worked perfectly.

Our next puzzle was assembling the pieces that siphon the water from the grow bed back into the aquarium. We ended up building a system that would allow enough suction for the siphon to work while also adding a pipe to oxygenate the water.
Now that the system is put together and cycling, it is creating a white noise in our place that sounds like a little stream. We were curious how it would sound and have so far been pleasantly surprised.

We are currently compiling a list of components we have used for this project and now have shared a how-to with more information about the pieces and process of assembly.

grow bed, grow media, green onions
Green onions in grow media


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