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Hey there! I’m Mandi, hot mess mom of three and your driver on the healthy living struggle bus!

About me- Mandi Em, content creator for Big Tiny Steps

For most of my life I neglected my health and personal wellness. I ate unhealthy food pretty much exclusively, I didn’t take care of my mental wellness, and as a consequence I suffered from chronic illnesses and mysterious unpleasant symptoms.

I was totally a yo-yo dieter that would binge eat my feelings and look for the nearest quick fix that wouldn’t require me to actually make a lasting change. I wanted to be healthier and eat better, but had no idea how to make that happen.

Throughout my teen years and adult life I struggled with disordered eating, self esteem and honestly just couldn’t get my shit together when it came to taking care of myself like functional adult. I am a caregiver by nature and nurture others in my life all the while silently neglecting my own needs.

What this Site is all About

It took a lot of ups and downs but eventually I got really, truly healthy after my second baby was born. I did this by clean eating and walking. No gym time for this lazy ass!

Before and after of Healthy natural postpartum weightloss. Ditch the diets and learn to love real food!

To learn more about my weight loss success and failures click here!

I noticed that in the health sphere there was nobody that looked like me- covered in mustard and screaming children and broke as hell. I found it super hard to relate to the health bloggers and coaches out there who basically posted half naked selfies and photos of doing yoga on infinity pools with memes that screamed “Whats YOUR excuse?!”.

Um, nope that shit did not resonate with me AT ALL.

This. This is my excuse right here!

I have also managed to become a mostly functional member of society despite some fucking hurdles in my younger years that could have left me a lot worse off. I have learned in all the hardest ways how to adult and want to help others save some fucking time struggling with this shit themselves.

That being said I am also a work in progress so part of what drives me and inspires me to write is to make other people feel less alone. Does your life feel like a empty fucking bag blowing in the breeze sometimes??


Who This Site is For

So if you are sick and fucking tired of getting the impression that health is a totally douchey pursuit then you have come to the right place! I am all about helping regular ass people just like me to eat better, live more naturally and not go broke or insane by doing so! Did I mention that I have three kids? Because I do and time is in short supply around here. So my intention is help you get healthy without wasting too much of your precious time.

Start Here- The Approach I took to Lose the Weight without any Gimmicks or Fad Diets!

On the other hand if you are looking for some highly curated glossy health inspiration, this site might not be your cup of tea. And that’s ok too!

Green Living


Somewhere along the way I also became a born-again hippy. OOPS! My husband and I started to notice how the mundane day to day was sucking our souls and we desperately felt like we needed a change. This led us to develop an interest in aquaponics, urban gardening, green living and all things self-sufficient and sustainable! We want to grow our own food and run away to start a little urban homestead where we can break away from the grocery store and live a simpler life.

I firmly believe that a connection to nature is an essential component of health in the modern world.


I want to share with you how easy can be to be a healthy functional grown up. If you are hopeless with recipes like me, I want to show you that by doing a little prepping and planning, as well as stocking yourself a “Just the Basics” pantry, you will have everything you need to get some simple, fuss free healthy adulting on!



Health and wellness should be easy, affordable and accessible to all of us with wild and hectic lifestyles!

What You Can do for Me

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Mandi Em holding a brussel sprout- Healthy Living for Hot Messes

If you have any questions, requests for posts, or want to work with us, please do not hesitate to contact Mandi at mandi@healthylivingforhotmesses.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

Together, we’ve got this!

Questions, concerns or comments? Please feel free to Reach Out!

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