Clean Eating Food List- Feeding your Healthy Lifestyle Change

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Eating Clean is…


What does eating clean even mean? Well, basically nothing. I have covered this before, but basically eating clean is kind of an arbitrary nonsense term that means drastically different things for different people. If you are here and have found me, then I think it is safe to assume that you have at least a passing interest making some healthy lifestyle changes.

When you eat a fruit meme

For the purposes of this site and in my own life, the operational definition of eating clean is minimizing your intake of processed foods and added salts and sugars.

I personally also try to reduce meat and dairy consumption for health and environmental reasons, so I believe in consuming a *mainly* plant based diet. However I am NOT vegetarian or vegan!

The only reason I use “clean eating” as a phrase at all is because it is quicker than saying that mouthful above.

I also respect the differences in everyone’s journey and that someone new to making healthy lifestyle changes may do things differently than others who may be further down the road. And that’s OK!




Clean Eating Food List

Here is a list of foods to consider if you are trying to eat cleaner. It is by no means exhaustive, however you may find yourself surprised with how much you can do with simple ingredients!

Clean Eating Foods List

Clean Eating Food List


Because my journey began with the desire to lose weight postpartum, I tend to stick with the majority of my food being fruits and vegetables, with some grains and legumes and a little bit from healthy fat sources such as nuts, seeds and oils.

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Eating Healthy is Too Expensive

One of my main motivations behind this site is to show people that eating healthy does not have to be expensive at all. You can very easily move away from processed, sugar laden foods and it can be simple and cheap! I am a total broke ass and still manage to eat like a damn queen by planning and spending wisely.

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